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I work in Relationship Management for Air Evac EMS Inc. and have worked in public safety for the fire service and emergency medical services since 1969, including 18 years in the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services industry.

I am also the editor and publisher of The Kentucky EMS Connection, which has been published continuously since October, 1996.

I am also a fine art and conservation photographer. I am an independent artist, owner ofJohn Hultgren Photography

My current location (10 min update):

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My walking/running progress:
Goal: 4.33 mi 5X/wk (1,125 mi/yr)

Total for 2018: 98.85 mi. (+43.41 mi ahead of goal. Projected: 2004 mi)

Total for 2017: 2,223.73 mi.
Best year 2015: 2,819.72 mi.
Total since Jan. 15, 2011: 11,797.49 mi.